Old Banff and MacDuff


The communities of Banff and Macduff traditionally centred around farming and fishing, although at one time Banff council had to pay fishermen to settle at the Seatown (later called Scotstown), and it wasn’t until the 1850s that a proper fishing community was established there.  The river Deveron separates the two communities and a ferry originally plied across it.  There were regular accidents, and in 1773 it was observed that ‘the seven lives [recently] lost call loudly for a bridge’.  As in his other books, Alan Cooper’s text is typically comprehensive, and as well as containing mainstream historical information, also includes some fascinating gems such as the story of eccentric showman Walford Bodie, who lived in Manor House, Macduff.

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A pictorial history showing how Banff and MacDuff looked in years gone by.

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Alan Cooper


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