About Us

Established in 2008, The Family History Society of Buchan promotes and supports the study of genealogy and family history research within the historic area of Buchan.

The Buchan area dates back to the Middle Ages and encompasses the North East of Scotland from the River Deveron in the west to the River Ythan in the south.

If your roots are in the Buchan area we will be very happy to assist you in your search for elusive ancestors.  If you’d like to become a member of the Society, you’d be very welcome.

Old Photos and DocumentsMost people enjoy doing their own research into their family’s history.  As they go further back in time and begin to discover information about the lives of their ancestors and how they lived, they find the experience very exciting and sometimes also very enlightening.  It becomes very addictive as the need to find out more takes hold.

Sometimes you get stuck and cannot find the information you need and this is an area where The Family History Society of Buchan can help you by undertaking research on your behalf.  Read more…

Please visit our online shop, where we have a range of books and CDs that can help you in your research.

Map of Buchan ParishesAreas Covered and Research Resources
As a Society we concentrate mostly on the area of Buchan.

Being local we have easy access to records in the Archives and local Authority Offices in the area and have our own databases and microfilm records and, of course, our dedicated researchers.  Read more…