Old Gardenstown, with Crovie and Pennan


These three picturesque fishing villages in Gamrie Bay have a long and at times quite lively history.  In 1004 the Gardenstown Church of St John the Evangelist was built to celebrate a great victory against a force of invading Danes and the skulls of the three Danish warlords were duly ensconced in alcoves in the church wall.  In more recent times, Pennan sprang to fame as the site of the fictional village of Ferness in the film Local Hero made in 1983.  Today many of the fishermen’s cottages have been transformed into charming holiday homes.  This collection, in addition to the picturesque photos of the fishing boats and harbours from which these communities made their livings, also contains fascinating social scenes from the 19th and early 20th centuries of the communities at work and play.

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A pictorial history showing how the villages of Gardenstown with Crovie and Pennan looked in years  gone by.

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Kay Beaton


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